For our 54th Podcast we have a Dublin-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ . One that is giving something to talk about world wide with his productions. We are more than happy to guest SWARM INTELLIGENCE in our podcast! His project revolves around tense atmospherics, uncompromising levels of distortion and stark, astute beats constitute a distinctive sound that Simon Hayes has been honing for more than a decade under his Swarm Intelligence guise. Please turn it up and enjoy this energetic mix!
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Soundcloud: @swarmintelligence
Facebook: facebook.com/Swarmintell

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So the next guest needs no introduction and we could not be more excited to share this mix, for us is really special to count with one of our favorite artists and persons in the industry, TRUNCATE! We have brought him more than 3 times to Bogotá already, first time in Baum, the second time in the outskirts of Bogotá for a big festival afterparty we did with more than 1500 people and the last time with Mr. Ben Sims as Assailants, their killer duo. Truncate is Berghain regular and one of the most recognized techno artists around the world. For the next 2 hours a killer mix on your way, please turn it up and enjoy this set!
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Soundcloud: @truncate
Facebook: facebook.com/Truncate.LA

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We are thrilled to have in our podcast a very special guest straight from Berlin, FIEDEL! One of the most respected djs in Berlin and in the world. Resident of the most important club in the world, Berghain, has released tracks in Ostgut Ton and he has two labels under his sleeve, Fiedelone & Fiedeltwo. We saw him at Berghain once and we fell in love with his technique and music. In March of 2019 we had him as guest in one of our warehouse parties, but before this he gave us a master class about mixing, days we won't forget and will always stay with us. We are really excited to share this mix of a good friend of the family!

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Soundcloud: @fiedelone
Facebook: facebook.com/FiedelDJ/

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